zZip/zZipSecure extends the possibilities of batch processing of data under IBM system z by functions for compression and decrompression as well as by functions for encryption and decryption.

Besides this basic functionality zZip/zZipSecure can be used for data transport between a mainframe and several external systems in case this is desired in the context of data processing.

In order to use zZip/zZipSecure functions special job steps have to be inserted into the job control.

All data sources to be processed have to be made known through one or more input cards. Addional information has to be provided if input data is compressed and/or encrypted.

Using action cards the system programmer can decide if data shall be compressed and/or encrypted by zZip/zZipSecore in the context of preparing data for transmission. Finally, using output cards, the output destinations for the resulting data have to be indicated.

The following image shows an example for a z/VSE job control making use of zZip.

zZip VSE job control example

Input sources

zZip/zZip can be used to prcocess data from the following input sources:

Output targets

zZip/zZip can be used to transfer data to the following output targets:

The following image shows an example for a z/OS job control making use of zZip.

zZip VSE Job Control Beispiel

Input sources and output targets may be combined arbitrarily. For example a compressed archive can be read from the network then being decompressed and finally be stored in a sequential file for further processing.

Network files can either be read using FTP or using the optional component HostDrive/J providing zZip/zZipSecure with direct access to network resources.

Using zZip/zZipSecure requires no programming on the part of the user at all.

If zIIP processors are available under z/OS zZip/zZipSecure can delegate CPU-intensive processes such as encryption/decryption and compression/decrompression to these zIIP processors resuling in noticeable cost-savings.

Further information

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