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RACFBroker - Remote RACF access

RACFBroker is a program system consisting of two components enabling network applications implemented in Java to integrate a subset of the RACF functionality. RACF (Resource Access Controly Facility) is the standard IBM mainframe security system. RACF is used for user authentication via name/password as well as for resource access control based on user profiles.


The mainframe component of RACFBroker is called RACFBroker/z. RACFBroker/z is based on the product XPSDaemon from XPS. XPSDaemon provides a secured infrastructure for the communication between Java network applications and an IBM mainframe over TCP/IP.

RACFBroker/z communicates with the RACF subsystem on the mainframe using the official RACROUTE-interface.


The network component of RACFBroker is called RACFBroker/j. RACFBroker/j is a Java program package as well as a Java application programming interface enabling a Java application to access the previously listed RACF functionality through various API methods. RACFBroker/j and RACFBroker/z communicate over a secure, encrypted tunnel over TCP/IP.

Example workflow

The following list shows the workflow implemented by a Java application program using RACFBroker to access RACF functionality on the mainframe:

  1. Allocating a RACFBroker instance
  2. Establishing a connection with RACFBroker/z using the RACFBroker instance allocated in step 1
  3. Allocating a RACFBrokerRequest instance
  4. Populating the RACFBrokerRequest instance allocated in step 3 with request specific information
  5. Transferring the populated RACFBrokerRequest to RACFBroker/z
  6. Evaluating the returned values
  7. Repeating steps 4 to 6 as often as desired (optional)
  8. Terminating the connection with RACFBroker/z

Further information

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RACFBrokerj.pdf => Handbook for Java programming
RACFBrokerz.pdf => Handbook for z/OS